Miller Music Policies



30min. Lesson = $30             45min. Lesson = $45             60min. Lesson = $60

Lessons are scheduled and paid for on a monthly basis. I will accept cash or check payment at the beginning of each month. You can mail or drop it in our tuition box. A late fee of $10 will be assessed for payments made after the 15th of the month.

The lesson time is reserved exclusively for the student. Missed lessons are discouraged. In the case of weather, illness, emergencies, and conflicting arrangements make-up lessons can be arranged. Please notify us at least 24 hours before your lesson if you must cancel. No credit will be offered to those that are missed without advanced notice.


Formal recitals are held twice per year and students are strongly encouraged to participate. Music should be shared and enjoyed! Master classes are held once per year. Students participating in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program may take up to two exams per year depending on readiness.

Practice is a family responsibility. To insure optimal progress, sufficient practice time must be set aside. Please respect the student’s practice by eliminating all distracting elements, such as TV, stereos, and friends. Piano/violin/vocal study is a partnership between student, parents, and teacher. Good practice habits should be encouraged! Music practice should become a habit that is as important as school work. Assignments will be given at each lesson and written in a notebook for reference- please take time to review the assignment book at each practice period.

Practice time varies with each student. For older students more time is recommended. Sometimes practice periods can be split in two, one for mornings and one for evenings. The student should practice every day. A minimum of 15 minutes of practice each day is required for beginner students to ensure lesson assignments are covered. However, the more practice the better!

Required - All students must have access to an instrument for home practice.


Arrive 5 mins prior to the lesson time. Students should have hands washed, clean and ready for playing. No eating or chewing gum during the lesson. Long nails preclude the development of good piano technique, so please make sure you keep them trimmed. Make sure to have all music books, assignment notebook, and metronome available during the lesson. Relax and have fun- you’re not going to the dentist!


Music Books

Students should budget about $15- $30 per year for purchasing music. For piano beginners, we typically use the Piano Adventure Series by Faber. For violin, we typically use the ABC's of Violin by J.T. Rhoda.

For intermediate to advanced students, we encourage the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. These provide national and international standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels.