We offer customized, one-on-one private lessons in piano, voice and violin. Each students is paired with an enthusiastic and qualified teacher to begin their musical journey. We love to dig deep into musical styles, theory, history, analysis and performance- ultimately, your student will receive a high-quality and well-rounded musical education where they will be inspired to learn and grow!

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We like to keep it simple with a flat-rate monthly tuition

Studio lessons:

-30 minutes: $130

-45 minutes: $195

-60 minutes: $260

In-Home lessons:

-30 minutes: $160

-45 minutes: $240

-60 minutes: $320


Missed/Rescheduled Lessons

We understand that life happens and you might not be able to make it to your lesson. Students are able to reschedule two lessons per school year. If you have to miss your lesson, we highly encourage you to

Lesson alternatives:

  • Video-Chat Lesson: via Skype, Facetime, or Google. This option is just in case you’re a little sick, or if there is severe weather and travel is hazardous. 

  • Recorded Lessons: For times that you are bedridden, or are absolutely unable to be at your lesson, you will receive a teacher instruction in lieu of your lesson time. We highly recommend posting recorded videos of your pieces and technique (scales) to our online platform and your teacher will send you helpful comments and answer any questions you may have.

The bottom line: The more notice you give us, the better we can make arrangements for your lesson. We understand that life is crazy, so look ahead at your calendar and communicate with us!

online platform

It’s 2019 and we are embracing technology! :) Our new online portal for parents and teachers will be a place where you can keep track of your students’ lessons, teacher notes, set up automatic payments and get the latest updates! You’ve been asking and we heard! We have high hopes that this system will help keep lessons running smoothly for everyone.


Practice is a family responsibility and parental involvement is key. To insure optimal progress, sufficient practice time must be set aside. Please respect the student’s practice by eliminating all distracting elements, such as TV, phones/tablets and friends. Music study is a partnership between student, parents, and teacher. Good practice habits should be encouraged! Music practice should become a daily habit that is as important as school work. Assignments will be given at each lesson and written in a notebook for reference- please take time to review the assignment book at each practice period.

Practice time varies with each student. For younger students, parents should spend between 70-100% at the piano to help direct young musicians. For beginners, 15- 20 minutes daily practice is a great starting point. For older or more advanced students, more time is recommended. Sometimes practice periods can be split in two, one for mornings and one for evenings.

Required - All students must have access to an instrument for home practice.


If you agree to the policies listed above, please fill out our registration page to start lessons