Our 2018-19 academic year runs from September thru June and is divided into trimesters. We also offer private lessons during the summer.  There are two semi-formal recitals per year- in November/December and May. There is a Performance Master class in February. Students who are in the Royal Conservatory Program are able to take exams during the year as well.

progress cards

With more students/teachers, we wanted to implement an effective way for parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s music education. We know that students will advance faster with a clear goal, involved parents/guardians and supportive teachers.

Every trimester parents/guardians will join in for 15 minutes during a lesson with student and teacher to discuss future goals. Student Progress Cards have many benefits:

-          They give parents/guardians valuable feedback and insight into the process of learning an instrument.

-          They equip parents/guardians with additional tools to help their child.

-          They highlight student achievement (performances, exams, theory, and repertoire progress).

-          They help teachers craft a custom and efficient learning experience based on areas that need attention.


Tuition is due by the first lesson of the trimester. The annual tuition rate covers weekly private lessons, piano tuning/maintenance, recital expenses, studio materials, professional teacher development and administration costs. Tuition does not cover music books or RCM exams.


Missed/Rescheduled Lessons

Because we value our teachers’ time, students are able to reschedule up to one lesson per trimester with advance notice. Please understand that Miller Music has multiple teachers (with limited time) that use our space. Contact your teacher 24 hours in advance if you would like to reschedule a lesson time. We are unable to offer makeups for missed lessons.

If your teacher needs to cancel a lesson, they will either reschedule at a convenient time or provide a substitute teacher.


Practice is a family responsibility and parental involvement is key. To insure optimal progress, sufficient practice time must be set aside. Please respect the student’s practice by eliminating all distracting elements, such as TV, phones/tablets and friends. Music study is a partnership between student, parents, and teacher. Good practice habits should be encouraged! Music practice should become a daily habit that is as important as school work. Assignments will be given at each lesson and written in a notebook for reference- please take time to review the assignment book at each practice period.

Practice time varies with each student. For younger students, parents should spend between 70-100% at the piano to help direct young musicians. For beginners, 15- 20 minutes daily practice is a great starting point. For older or more advanced students, more time is recommended. Sometimes practice periods can be split in two, one for mornings and one for evenings.

Required - All students must have access to an instrument for home practice.


If you agree to the policies listed above, please fill out our registration page to start lessons