Center & State Award

On April 2nd, we learned that one of our students earned the State Award, WA, AND Center Award for the Percussion 1  Assessment from the Music Development Program!!

One of the representatives writes, " I am delighted to inform you that your student(s) have won Royal Conservatory Music Development Program Awards of Excellence. Each year The Royal Conservatory Music Development Programs awards Certificates of Excellence and National Gold Medals to top-achieving students. All awards will be sent to students by the first week of April. Certificates of Excellence are awarded to students achieving the highest mark in their center and/or in their state on their Music Development Program assessment and who have also completed the theory co-requisites for their respective level and discipline. These awards are an exceptional distinction—the result of hard work, dedication, talent, and a testament to skill and creativity. They also represent a national standard of musical achievement upheld by the invaluable support you provide to your students. Congratulations once again on your students’ achievements, and thank you for participating in The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.”

It is such an honor to work with such dedicated students at Miller Music School! Keep up the great work students!