November Recital 2015

Hello Musical Families!

Just a quick reminder for our recital this Friday! You are more than welcome to invite friends and family. This is a time to have fun and showcase our students’ hard work this year. Also- a big shout out to all of the dedicated parents who’ve been consistently encouraging and getting their kids prepared.

  • Where: Northwest Pianos, 13310 Bel Red Rd, #100, Bellevue, WA 98005

    Time: Friday, November 13th at 6:30pm

    Bring: Music (Even if memorized), “clean” snack/refreshments to share.*

    Wear: Nice clothes! This is our formal recital that happens twice per year.


    *Northwest Pianos has allowed us to bring some refreshments. They only ask that we bring food that doesn’t easily make messes or crumbs.



    -Please arrive 5 minutes early to pick you seat (and tune for violins).

    -Students will each receive a program to see the performance order. When it is your turn, come to the stage, announce your name and pieces. After playing, take a bow and it’s the next students turn.

    -Audience, we keep the applause until the end of each student performance.

    -Cameras: Feel free to bring your camera and capture your child’s moment. Just be aware of other audience members.

    -Rides: Occasionally students need rides to the recital and I am more than happy to help if you don’t mind riding with a cute toddler and baby! Just let me know!


    See you all on Friday! Happy Practicing!