April Student of the Month: Jenny & Nancy

Congrats to Jenny and Nancy (cousins!) who were chosen for April Student(s!) of the Month!! These young ladies have been playing the piano close to a year and have been going through their books quickly. They even bring extra pieces to their lessons that they've been practicing at home during the week. That's dedication! Way to go girls!

1.How Long have you been playing you instrument?

J-I've been taking lessons for about 9 months. N- I've been taking lessons for about 7 months.

2. What is your favorite activity?

J-Swimming and drawing. N- Swimming and dancing.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

J- I'm not sure yet. N-I'm not sure either.

4. Any fun fact you would like to share?

J-My favorite color is green. I also speak Chinese! N- I like to dance and I also speak Chinese.

5. What other activities do you participate in?

J- Practicing piano, and dancing. N- Practicing piano, dance and homework.

6. What grade are you in?

J- I'm in the 5th grade at Kennydale. N- I'm in the 3rd grade at Kennydale