Christmas Recital- December 1st at 6pm and 7pm

Hello musical families!

Our teachers and students are busy preparing for the Christmas Recitals! Here is the info below:

When: Friday, December 1st at 6 pm and 7 pm

Who: Students, Family and Friends. We have a large space, so feel free to invite friends.

Where: Calvary Baptist Church (1032 Edmonds Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056)

Dress: Formal- We’re excited to see students dressed up!

Bring: Music and refreshments to share (cookies, fruit, anything you love!)

Arrive: 5 minutes before your assigned recital. Check our studio wall or teacher with performing time (6pm or 7pm)


  1. Performance Pieces- Students typically perform two pieces each. We like to encourage memorization if possible. Please bring music even if pieces are memorized. We try our best to not have duplicates of pieces so that each performer gets to showcase a unique piece.
  2. Pianists/ Vocalists – Arrive 5 minutes early to find seats.
  3. Violinists – Arrive 10 minutes early to tune violin.
  4. Applause – Please hold your applause to the end of a performance, instead of between pieces.
  5. Cameras – We know we’ve got some proud parents out there! Feel free to bring cameras and take pictures as long as it doesn’t distract our performers.
  6. Babies and Kids – This is definitely a family event and we love to welcome kids. Please consider performers by minimizing noise/distractions.
  7. Refreshments – After performances, we love to chat over some yummy treats in the foyer. Please bring treats that will be easy to clean up afterwards.
  8. Encouragement – We want to encourage and inspire all of our students to grow and learn. We have a diverse group of performers- new musicians, shy/nervous musicians, experienced musicians- let’s celebrate them all.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We are very excited to watch our students perform!