Summer Practice Challenge 2017

I’m excited to announce the winners of the Summer Practice Challenge! (Let’s be honest, everyone is a winner when our students are playing extra, right, parents?) Summer is typically a time where students take a break from practicing. We were thrilled to have over 20 students participating.

Just as a recap:

  1. Most minutes practiced (2 winners) Prize: movie ticket
  2. Most Pieces completed = Prize $10 choice gift card
  3. Most days practiced – Prize: Music book voucher

Contest dates: June 26th- Aug 31st

I’ve tallied up ALL of the Practice Log submissions and we have some winners to announce.

  1. Rachel S. and Evelyn V. (each logged over 1,100+ minutes!) for Most Minutes Practiced
  2. Julie H. (14 pieces!) for Most Pieces completed
  3. Rachel S. (44 days!) for Most Days Practiced

Way to go musicians!! We have lots of very dedicated and motivated students. Winners, your teachers will have your prizes at your next lesson.