New Progress Cards

progress card.jpg

With more students/teachers, we wanted to implement an effective way for parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s music education. We know that students will advance faster with a clear goal, involved parents/guardians and supportive teachers.

Every trimester parents/guardians will join in during a lesson with student and teacher to discuss future goals. Student Progress Cards have many benefits:

-They give parents/guardians valuable feedback and insight into the process of learning an instrument.

-They equip parents/guardians with additional tools to help their child.

-They highlight student achievement (performances, exams, theory, and repertoire progress).

- They help teachers craft a custom and efficient learning experience based on areas that need attention.

Progress cards will have records of all pieces/songs and technique that were completed, performance and assessment records, goals/teacher notes, and attendance. This will help parents/teachers see tangible progress and work together to for the success of our students.

These are not intended to be "Graded" Report Cards. They are designed be an important tool to help our teachers maintain quality, customized lessons and equip parents to help their child. We are excited to implement them at Miller Music School!