student of the month

Lilly L. February Student of the Month!

A big congrats to Lilly for being February Student of the Month! She's doing a great job being prepared for lessons, respectful and excited to learn new pieces and techniques. Keep on working hard, Lilly!

1. How long have you been playing your instrument?

-I have been playing piano for 5 years.

 2. What is your favorite activity?

-My favorite thing to do is to sing and do weird dances.

 3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

-When I grow up I would like to be a singer or a music teacher.

 4. What do you like most about playing music?

-The thing I like the most about playing the piano is that when I play I can sing along to the song.

 5. What other activities do you participate in?

-I play the clarinet.

 6. Which grade are you in? Which school do you go to?

-I am in 5th grade and go to Eastgate Elementary.